Meet Lauren Drain Kagan, A Fitness Model Who Might Also Be The World's Hottest Nurse

Every so often—like every single week or so—we introduce you guys to a new woman who has been tearing it up on Instagram. And, while some of those names might be new, there's a good chance that you've gone out and discovered some of the lovely ladies on your own.

Well, seeing as how Lauren Drain Kagan has 3.5 million followers on Instagram already, we've got a good assumption that you've already heard about her. Hell, you're probably already following her—which, if so, you know is a very wise move.

And, while Lauren may best be known by her online persona, Lauren Drain Fit, which is because of her fitness modeling career and extreme workouts she often posts, bet you didn't know that she's also a registered nurse, did you?

That's right, Lauren Drain Kagan isn't just one of the sexiest women on the planet, but, she may even take care of you after an unfortunate accident—if you're lucky, of course.

Often posting about various fitness challenges she wants her followers to partake in, Lauren Drain Kagan is drop dead gorgeous, inspiring and knows a thing or two about taking care of yourself. If that's not the ideal woman, we don't know what is?

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