Model Lauren Luongo On The Most Charming Things Men Can Do

When you think of All-American gals, Lauren Luongo might be the type of woman that first comes to mind. You know, that whole blonde haired, naturally pretty look that melts so many men's hearts is kind of what American ladies are known for — and Lauren, a model from Connecticut with more than 557,000 Instagram followers — certainly fits the bill. All she really needs is jean shorts and a comfy tank year-round, am I right?!?

With intimidating looks, a quiet confidence about her and having a certain aura around her anytime she walks into a room, Lauren has that "it" factor that some people are just blessed with. To say that she steals looks from everyone when she walks by is an understatement. Hell, we have a feeling that even puppies would stop barking to cop a stare when she's around. Now that's impressive!


As you might imagine, being quite the looker, Lauren Luongo knows a thing or two about getting hit on. That said, it wouldn't necessarily be where some of you might think, as she often gets more messages online than in person because, obviously, she's just a bit intimidating to approach in person. But, hey, you've got to shoot your shot one way or another!

Getting the chance to talk with the model, we wanted to pick her brain about the charming things that she looks for, as well as seeing what kind of dating tips for men that she might be able to offer up! Look, most of us probably have zero chance of charming Lauren enough to be our next girlfriend, but, hey, the next best thing is getting advice on how to at least try, right? Keep on reading to see what she had to tell us.

FHM: Is It Safe To Presume That You Get Hit On All The Time?

Lauren Luongo: "At the risk of sounding narcissistic, yes, it is a common occurrence. This is usually through social media; I’ve noticed that, in person, people are not as confident. Most guys are too intimidated to approach me."

FHM: We Kinda Figured. Knowing That, What Are Some Things Men Can Do To Get Your Attention?

Lauren Luongo: "That’s a complicated question, due to the fact that I have a very small circle of friends and acquaintances, and I don’t add people in very often. I’ll be honest; it’s very hard to get my attention."

FHM: And, Of Course, What Are Some Instant Turn-Offs That Leave You Asking Yourself, 'Dude, WTF?'

Lauren Luongo: "That lovely moment when you go through your Instagram DMs and some brilliant guys have decided that sending explicit photos would be a good pick-up tactic. God, so repulsive! I usually don't even answer when a guy sends something normal like, 'hi'… now I’m really not going to answer."

FHM: What's Your Ideal First Date?

Lauren Luongo: "My ideal first date would encompass anything involving food, be it eating in or out. Having time to get to know the person, as well as seeing if we connect, is the most important aspect of the first date. If we don’t connect, there will be no second date."

FHM: If The First Date Goes Well, What Should Guys Do To Follow-Up For A Second?

Lauren Luongo: "Netflix and chill. I know, it sounds cliché, but there’s nothing better than spending quality time with the right person. Food is also a big factor here! Can you tell what my priorities are yet?!" (laughs)

FHM: What Do You Find Most Charming In A Guy?

Lauren Luongo: "Having a good sense of humor, being easy to talk to, and having a little bit of charisma without being artificial."

FHM: Is There One Thing That's An Absolute Deal-Breaker For You When Meeting/Talking To A Guy?

Lauren Luongo: "First and foremost, it’s important that the person can carry on an intellectual conversation. The next thing that’s very important to me is physique. I care a lot about my fitness and take care of my body, so, naturally, I’m attracted to people who do the same. Last, I have a zero tolerance policy for guys who try to talk to more than one woman at a time. To me, that’s the highest form of disrespect."

All images via David Blazze.

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