Le'Veon Bell Roasted By Model Karen Villarreal After Sliding Into Her Instagram DMs

So, remember the other day when we told you about New York Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis trying his hardest to mack Instagram model Ines Nikic? Well, good ol' Kristaps is no longer the latest athlete to get absolutely denied publicly by an attractive woman. Nope, that distinction goes to Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell.

That's because Bell—who just had a baby with another woman—slid into model Karen Villarreal's Instagram messages, with the gorgeous Karen sharing Bell's attempt on her story.

But it was her reaction that was a total burn, with her calling out Le'Veon and, really, all pro athletes who try their luck with her or any other woman on Instagram.

Here's what Karen posted:

Man, Karen Villarreal was not having any of Le'Veon Bell's advancements—and good on her for putting him in his place, because, c'mon man, what did you think would happen after almost everyone knows you just had a kid with someone else? You're one of the best players in the NFL, you can't exactly hide your personal life. SMH.

Check out some more pics of Karen Villarreal below, which might make you want to slide into her DMs, too—just don't do it like Le'Veon did.

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