Lea Michele

Full name: Lea Michele Sarfati
DOB: August 29, 1986
Place of birth: The Bronx, New York, USA
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer

Lea Michele Facts

Lea plays Rachel Berry in musical-drama series Glee.

She's a rather good concoction of Spanish and Italian descent.

She's a campaigner for PETA, but has yet to pose naked for them. Give it time.

She shares a birthday with Richard Attenborough and the late Michael Jackson.

Why We Love Lea Michele

Even if you pretend not to know who Lea Michele is, we know that deep down inside you’re hiding away the time that you came across Glee and didn’t change the channel for at least 60 seconds. As ashamed as you may be, your reward was being introduced to Lea in the form of lead singer Rachel Berry, who will quickly have become some sort of unspoken guilty pleasure as you watched 18 straight hours of Dave to compensate.

Now even if you’re struggling to admit it, let us point out that it would be even weirder if you keep pushing the story that you must have seen Lea Michele in something else. Because the only other place that you would have any chance of seeing Lea Michele would be if you went over to New York to see a bunch of Broadway musicals. Time to start digging up, yeah?

Anyway, Lea Michele seems like quite an easy going girl if her break in to performing is anything to go by – she decided on a whim that she’d quite like to go to an open audition for a musical, and landed a role on Broadway as an eight year old. She continued in musicals for thirteen years before landing a spot in Glee. Aside from that, to be honest, there isn’t a lot else Lea has done. A few voice appearances on The Simpsons and The Cleveland Show are being followed up by her first movie role in 2011 film New Year’s Eve.