Lea Michele Continues Her Personalized Bedroom Photoshoot With More Hot Pics

If you've followed actress Lea Michele on Instagram at all in the past few months, you've probably noticed these little bedroom series photoshoots that she's accustomed to doing, where the sexy brunette puts on little lingerie—or strips off her top—and posts some incredibly hot pictures.

Well, just when Lea went months between doing those types of things, she got back to it just the other day, with her most recent photo leaving very little to the imagination, as she wore a tiny tank top without a bra on.

Going all the way back to her days playing Rachel Berry on Glee, Lea Michele has always been one of our favorite women. But, let's be totally frank here, when she shed that whole goody goody image that she portrayed on the show, that crush of ours went up by about 1000 percent.

As talented as they come thanks to her performance skills, singing voice and bubbly personality, Lea Michele doesn't seem to be slowing down on sharing her sexiness anytime soon... and we thank her for that!

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