Leanna Bartlett Tells Us How A Guy Can Use Instagram To Get Her Attention

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If you're anything like the 2.4 million Instagram followers that model Leanna Bartlett has, we're guessing you check out the blonde beauty's page on the regular to see what she's up to every single day. After all, Leanna's one of the most popular Instagram models and influencers on social media for a reason — and, here's a hint, it's because she's really, really attractive.

So, when a woman like her is open to talking with us about a variety of different topics, of course we're going to jump at the opportunity! What, do we look dumb or something? Considering Leanna Bartlett is one of the most desired women out there, it's pretty awesome that she gave us the time of day and, even better, was open to giving us a few answers to questions that guys want to know about her.


From funny messages she's gotten on Instagram to a couple tips on how to maintain a solid figure as the spring approaches, here's what the always stunning Leanna Bartlett had to say. Something tells us that you're all going to give her all of your undivided attention.


FHM: So, Leanna, 2.4 Million Instagram Followers?! That Must Come With A Lot Of People 'Sliding Into Your DMs'! What Would You Say Is The Most Ridiculous Message You’ve Ever Received, And How's You Handle It?

Leanna Bartlett: "I do get some strange DMs from guys. This one person thought I was his fiancé and he was very confused as to why I wouldn't respond to him. I would get messages and comments from him. I didn't respond, but also didn't want to block him because I felt bad. He seemed sad and lost. Hopefully he got better as I haven't heard from him anymore."

FHM: Do You Have Any Advice For Guys About Trying To Slide Into Your (Or Any Lady’s) DMs? Is There A Way To Actually Be Smooth About It?

Leanna Bartlett: "I do read my messages and I always love to hear how someone just genuinely admires my work and thanks me for sharing my pics. I will almost always respond with a thank you."

FHM: Is There Something That Makes You Feel The Sexiest When You're Modeling? Lingerie? Swimwear?

Leanna Bartlett: "I love shooting swimwear. I'm always by the beach. I grew up by the Black Sea. I live by the beach. That's how it's all started with my first shots."


FHM: Your Work Must Take You All Around The World! Any Favorite Spots You’ve Traveled To Recently?

Leanna Bartlett: "I love staying local since there are so many pretty places to shoot. I love Hawaii, South Beach and, of course, New York City is a fun place to shoot and always a great opportunity to visit."

FHM: We’ve Also Gathered That You’re Super Into Fitness. Any Tips For Getting Into Shape For The Spring?

Leanna Bartlett: "I think the most important thing is your diet. Sadly, you just have to substitute things out sometimes. Stay away from carbs. Do lots of walking and drink lots of water."


FHM: Lastly, A Lot Of People Have Misconceptions About 'Instagram Models' Just Being A Pretty Face! Anything About You That You’d Think Your Fans Would Be Surprised To Know?

Leanna Bartlett: "Most of my fans only know me as a pretty face, I guess. And, it's OK, I want them to enjoy my work with amazing photographers and makeup artists I have chance to work with. Private life is happy life to me. They don't know I'm also a mom and, if I don't shoot, I'm just trying to have as normal a life as possible with my family."

See more from Leanna Bartlett by following her on Instagram to keep up with all she has going on.

Lead image via Dreamstate Photos and MUSE Publishing.

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