LeBron James And His Cavs Teammates Mobbed Former Mate Matthew Dellavedova As He Received Title Ring

Image via Twitter

Sports might be all about business, with athletes even being so selfish at times that they flaunt their wealth and get into arguments with opponents about which ones earns more each year, but sports also brings us some amazing, unscripted moments, too.

One of those moments happened tonight in Cleveland, where former Cavaliers backup point guard Matthew Dellavedova—who departed this past offseason for the Milwaukee Bucks in a rich free agent deal—was mobbed by his former teammates who he won an NBA title with just a few months ago.

Creating a family-like atmosphere was one of LeBron James' goals when he returned to Cleveland in 2014—along with winning lots of championships—and this further proves that LBJ was successful, because this awesome.

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