LeBron James And Draymond Green Feuding Like Schoolgirls Is More Entertaining Than The NBA Finals

Image Via Sporting News

I'd venture to say that most people, men and women alike, have seen Mean Girls, but because it's not fair to assume, I'll go ahead and provide a very brief synopsis. Basically, the plot is centralized around four teenage girls as they go through the trials and tribulations of high school politics—including everything from backstabbing and gossip to total social sabotage.

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To make the connection, Draymond Green and LeBron James are currently living out some pseudo-Mean Girls fantasy whereupon they think it's normal for grown-ass-men to behave like schoolgirls, and while I hate to encourage this sort of petty behavior, I am LIVING for it!

Green and James share a pretty long-winded history, some of it good, some of it bad. We're not really here to talk about sunshine, roses, and friendship, are we? So let's focus on the bad history, shall we?

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During last year's NBA Finals, Draymond sack-tapped LeBron and got suspended for game 5. Yes, you read that correctly—SACK-TAPPED. He swatted at his balls with the same vigor you or I would swat at a fly and it was uh-mazing.

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Anyway, so here we are today at the pinnacle of the feud! Draymond posted the picture you'll see below as a clear dig at The Cavs for losing the Finals. LeBron then reposted the picture with an iconic line from the *The Office. Take a look:

Draymond's Rebuttal:

To be fair, I don't think Green's rebuttal was quite as funny as LeBron's initial dig. I'm not sure, but isn't LeBron's hair normally super-short/mostly-bald? You could do better, Draymond. I mean, you clearly already know where to hit the guy where it hurts, but I guess another sack-tap would be uncalled for.

We're definitely going to keep you guy posted on this one because as with all teenage girls, it takes a while for the dust to settle. Also, I'd like to start a new hashtag in honor of such sheer ridiculousness (that I clearly very much enjoy)—#PettienessLevelLeBronAndDraymond

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