LeBron James '100 Percent Leaving' Cavs In 2018 (Per Reporter Chris Sheridan's Sources)

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Well, just when I thought I was having a solid week, some disparaging news about LeBron James gets reported about his future with my hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and, yep, a whole bunch of anxiousness just got added to my life.

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That's because, according to longtime NBA reporter Chris Sheridan — who accurately reported LeBron's 2014 return to Cleveland before anyone else did — James is as good as gone come the summer of 2018 when he becomes a free agent due to mistrust with the team's management, according to Sheridan's sources.

And, just like that, my week, the entire city of Cleveland's week and, quite possibly, the whole state of Ohio's year just got put on edge, leaving us all wondering if Chris Sheridan's "sources" are more reliable than a cup of coffee waking your ass up in the morning.

This all does make sense, seeing as how the Cavs haven't really made much a splash this summer, striking out on big-named players like Paul George and Jimmy Butler, among others, in hopeful trade packages. Add in the Kyrie Irving trade request and, well, yeah, things are a mess in "The Land." Plus, LeBron delivered on his promise of bringing a championship to his hometown, so he'll always have that to hang his hat on.

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Other reporters were quick to shoot down the claim about LeBron James' departure, though, as Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio tweeted that there's "no truth" that "The Chosen One" has already made up his mind.

Another person who supported Amico's claim was Chris Broussard, who used to cover the Cavs years ago and is as respected a reporter as anyone in the league, with him tweeting this out, regarding the knowledge from his sources.

The future of LeBron James — always a topic of conversation — is something that will be monitored till the day he actually makes his next decision, as he's the most polarizing athlete on the planet. Reporters will reference sources close to James as a reason to stir up chatter, so we'll have to see who's right in this situation.

Of course, as a Cleveland sports fan — which means plenty of pessimism and bad luck — I'm trying not to read into this tweet posted by James from a couple weeks ago where he called Los Angeles "home"... but, you know, it doesn't really ease my mind.

Put on your seat belts, NBA fans, because with conflicting reports about LeBron James' future bound to be released nearly every other night next season, this is going to be a tired topic.

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