LeBron James Settles World Series Bet With Dwyane Wade, Dons Entire Chicago Cubs Uniform To Arena

Image via Twitter

Cleveland Cavs superstar LeBron James and Chicago Bulls superstar Dwyane Wade are great friends. Hell, they were at one another's wedding and, professionally speaking, Wade was the reason James signed with the Miami Heat back in 2010—where they went to four-straight NBA Finals' and won two titles together.

With both players back in their hometowns, the two made a little friendly bet on this year's World Series, where the Cleveland Indians were battling the Chicago Cubs—with the loser having to wear the full uniform of the winning team. Well, the Cubbies won, so LeBron paid up before tonight's game against D-Wade...and here's what it looked like.

And Dwyane Wade made sure he kept reminding James who won the Fall Classic as they showed up at the arena.

James looks less than thrilled in Cubs garb, but, hey, a bet's a bet, Bron!

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