Legal Call Girl Talks About The Strangest Client Requests And What She'll Never Do For Money

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Guys, meet Sarah Greenmore, a real-life legal call girl who has been in the biz for a few years while working at the world famous Moonlite BunnyRanch in Nevada. The 25-year-old—who got her start in the spa industry before moving into the business of pleasuring her clients in romantic ways—recently sat down for an exclusive interview with DailyStar, where she answered all types of questions about her career.

Here are some of our favorite—and they're sure to make you laugh, make you think and will probably make you wonder, "I'm glad I'm not that strange." Sure you aren't, buddy.

  • What’s The Craziest Thing Someone Has Ever Asked You To Do?

“I work with interesting kinks and fetishes all the time and I'm open minded to those activities.

"I do get proposed to a few times a year and find that to be a bit more than I can handle. People don't always realise the line they're crossing asking that.”

  • What’s One Thing You Would Never Do For Money?

“I wouldn't jeopardise my health or the health of my clients by forgoing condoms. It's actually the law here in Nevada that sex workers within brothels are required to use condoms.

"We also have weekly STD tests in order to be cleared for work. Sex workers are often pinned as dirty or disease spreading – but I've never been compelled to go ‘raw’ with any of my clients. I'm often teaching my clients sexual health and safety.”

  • What’s The Strangest Fetish Someone Has Come To You With?

“I tend not to look at my clients fetishes as ‘strange’ but instead, interesting and it’s a learning experience.

"I’ve been involved in the Fetish and Kink scene for many years and I'm a very open minded person. To those who are less familiar with fetish and kink, it might seem strange.

"I had a "Looner" client - he loved balloons and watching me blow them up, sitting on them, rubbng them on myself. He’d previously had a phobia of balloons being popped but turned it around into a way to control his feelings. It was fun!”

  • What’s One Thing You Wished People Knew About Your Job?

“Sex work is a valid and valuable service to a huge array of people. Our clients are looking for sex, intimacy and companionship and we provide them a safe space to relax and meet those needs. Demonising our clients and invalidating our stories is doing a disservice to millions of people.”

So, there you have it, fellas; the life of a professional call girl.

Among other interesting topics Sarah Greenmore talks about is the amount of money she earns and how/if her job affects her relationships, so peep the entire interview over at Daily Star for the full story, it's definitely an interesting read.

In the meantime, here are a few more pics to check out of Sarah, via her Instagram account.

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