Legal Sex Girl Describes Sex With A Virgin And Revealed How Much She Really Gets Paid

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A couple of months ago, we told you about Sarah Greenmore, a 25-year-old, legal call girl who was/is working at the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Describing her experiences and answering numerous questions, Sarah talked about a number of different topics like crazy requests and what she'd never do, regardless of money.

Well, another legal call girl had her turn doing something similar. Also employed at the Bunny Ranch, this woman responded to a bunch of questions on her own Reddit AMA, covering things like sex with virgins, how much she makes per session and if she's ever been recognized in public, among other things. Check it out!

What are some of the big reasons these guys aren't getting laid? Are they physically repulsive? Socially inept? Nothing wrong with them, just lacking confidence? Did any cry?

"Most of the Reddit virgins that I saw in 2016 were in their early 20s and very handsome. They weren't sure about how the mechanics worked and wanted a professional walk through. I gave them my contact info and let them know that if they need any girl advice I'm here to help. Honestly I'd probably be a 22 year old virgin if I was a dude, woman can give off very confusing signals so I have fun explaining the psychology of the 'mating dance' and how it works.

There were a few virgins I recently saw who had a lot of issues with opening up to other people because of disabilities and past experiences. Some had ED from masturbating for years of their life, I gave them a nurturing experience and treated them with understanding and respect."

"None cried. I must be doing something right!"

Do you think many of them will move beyond sex workers after they've seen you, or are their issues more persistent? And do you have opinions on why so many young guys have trouble "getting it" these days?

"The point of hiring me as an adult virgin is to get rid of your training wheels. So yes I'd hope that they go on and have fulfilling sex lives. I'm here for support until they can make that happen. I focus on empowering my clients in sessions, so I've been told many success stories by former clients."

Is your hooker status public and well-known? If yes, how do you comprehend with society, emotionally and mentally?

"I've never been recognized in public before and I'm very lowkey about what I do. Everyone in my hometown found out so I don't really talk to my family anymore. Friends in my personal life are aware of my occupation and they are respectful about it. My circle is small and some of my close friends are sex workers as well, so I'm able to still have a healthy social life."

Have you had a customer last less than a minute? If so, do you let them finish more than once?

"Yes. Of course! I'm multi-orgasmic so it's only fair."

How many years is the average length for a hooker? A typical career can be 30 years, but prostitution has to be more like modeling right? (Except for age fetishes)

"This is a hard question to answer. You have to be smart and mature to thrive in this industry, so a lot of young/ pretty girls drop out after a few weeks. Girls can stay in for a few years and make their goals then leave, or they stay for decades and get rich. It just depends on the individual."

What do you make on an average customer? And what does your build consist of?

"Typically I make 4-5 figures, that's the cool thing about being a high end/ legal prostitute. I accommodate 3 figure budgets as well but I'd rather more be invested so that me and my partner don't have to rush things!"

"I am living comfortably by working roughly one week on/ one week off year round."

Much like the aforementioned Sarah Greenwood, this woman spills some juicy details, along with some knowledge about the legal, pay-for-sex industry that she's in.

You can read the full Reddit thread here to see more interesting topics.

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