Legends Football League Player Boldly Motorboats Fan After Scoring A Touchdown (Wait, WTF?)

Image via YouTube

Remember when the current women's, indoor football league known as the Legends Football League was more appropriately called the Lingerie Football League? Yeah, those were the days—because, you know, that's exactly what the players were wearing for every single game; lingerie!

Anyway, seeing as how nothing changed—seriously, the ladies are still donning skimpy little lingerie each game—we're still really big fans of this kind of football.

And, while the NFL might have lightened up their rules on celebrating, we have a feeling that the league's commissioner, Roger Goodell, would toss out a serious fine for any player who pulled this kind of stunt—because one of the LFL ladies actually motorboated a fan following a touchdown!

Serious, just take a look here.


Anyway, the Seattle Mist demolished the Denver Dream by a score of 106-0 this past Friday—we wish that was a typo, but, nope, it was the actual score. How does that even happen? We have no idea, but it did.

During the contest, Seattle tight end Shea Norton had quite the game, scoring a touchdown and making sure she made the most of the opportunity in the end zone.


So, rather than do something boring like use the football as a prop—which, apparently, you can do in the NFL now—Norton figured the only way to really make a bold statement would be by surprising this unassuming fan with some motorboat action.

Like us, you're probably asking yourself how an athlete can get away with something like this and not get in trouble, right? Well, other than the fact that it's the Legends Football League—no offense, but they're kind of known for things like this to get attention—it turns out that Shea Norton actually knew the fan she did this to, which, somehow, makes it all a little bit cooler that her friend let her.


Look, we've seen Terrell Owens whip out a sharpie and Joe Horn use a cell phone after a TD, so why not make this a new thing, too?

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