Meet Camila Morrone, The 20-Year-Old Model Who Leonardo DiCaprio Just Snagged

Tell us if you've heard this one before: Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is dating yet another hot model, with his newest lady being the sensationally sexy Camila Morrone. The 20-year-old Camila — who stands 5'9" and has legs for days — hails from Argentina, and, in addition to a successful modeling career, also happens to dabble in acting a bit, too. Again, is anyone surprised by the news that Leonardo DiCaprio just snagged another dimepiece? Yeah, probably not.

With a 23-year age difference between DiCaprio and Camila, the legendary actor continues his reign as, arguably, the biggest playboy in Hollywood. Remember, in just this year alone, Leonardo DiCaprio went from dating model Nina Agdal — with the two breaking up in May — and was then linked to model Lorena Rae in August, so his newest lady, Camila Morrone, sort of follows normal procedure for him in terms of looks and profession. The only strange thing? Leo's dating a brunette now, as opposed to the blondes that he normally hooks up with. Although, fear not, even Camila will go blonde every once in awhile.

As for how the two met, well, according to The Cut, they speculate that Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone first met at this years Art Basel down in Miami, the annual event that brings together a collection of models, entertainers, artists, designers and, well, anyone who's who. With Morrone being the guest of honor, it's not hard to imagine ol' playboy Leo finagling his way to introduce himself to the 20-year-old stunner.

Following the speculation of when, where and how they met, Leonardo DiCaprio was then spotted by The Daily Mail leaving Camila's Malibu home just the other day, which only makes the speculation of the two hooking up even hotter. Plus, c'mon, is Leo really going to leave a model's house and not be assumed by the entire world to either have shagged her or be dating her? The guy has a reputation, so we're all pretty certain he wasn't just going over there to Netflix and Chill.

Anyway, given his dating history, we imagine that there are loads of Instagram models out there just begging for the chance to be the next flavor of the month for DiCaprio, and, who knows, if things end quickly with Camila Morrone, those gals may be next in line. But, because we're jealous of the actor, we're hoping he keeps this one around for a little bit, 'cause, damn, she is incredible!

Lead image via Getty.

See more pics of Camila Morrone below, and continue to be be extremely envious of Leonardo DiCaprio.