Lesbians Offer Straight Men Important Tips To Enhance Performance In The Bedroom

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The lesbian-straight-male dynamic shouldn't be a competition! But to be fair, if it were, the lesbians would win. Sorry not sorry Fellas, it's the truth. So much so, that's it's been backed by science. Straight women have the fewest orgasms of any sexually active "group." Do you realize how depressing that is for straight women? Could you imagine if "straight women" was replaced with "straight men" in that statistic? There would be war. Not figuratively either, ACTUAL war.

That being said, there are ways to change the game, you guys just need to put forth a little more effort. Life is too short not to orgasm often (and not just by yourself on a lonely Saturday night with battery powered devices.)

Fortunately for you all, these kind lesbians decided to share their infinite wisdom. I realize it's a bit unfair because lesbians have the same biological needs as the women their having sex with, but get over it, beggars can't be choosers. Appreciate the advice and take it with you to the bedroom.

According to NetDoctor and Diva Magazine's, Gemma Halsey, there are 3 key steps in ensuring that your lady brings home The Big O.

You can't just jump into, guys:

"Women can't be expected to be immediately up for it from the word go – it's not like switching on a light. Stroking her between the legs and kissing her nipples might be the warm-up she loves and could put her more firmly on the road to orgasm."

You NEED to speak to her, not just grunt:

"Communication is THE most important thing," says Gemma. "I don't just mean explaining everything you're doing – 'I'm gonna move to the left then insert two fingers' – it's about observing, adjusting, and verifying that what you're doing works for her. 'Is that okay?' 'How is that?' Don't be afraid to ask your partner and have her be honest with you."

Don't be afraid to bring in the big guns:

"A happy by-product of this uninhibited intimacy is that sex toys are a much more open conversation point between lesbians. But women shouldn't feel they can't bring toys into heterosexual sex, especially if it's going to help them orgasm, and men shouldn't feel inferior in the presence of artificial appendages."

There you have it! From lesbian lips to your ears. I'll leave you with this final nudge of encouragement and maybe even fear, depending upon how you look at it:

Gemma's final words of wisdom to women seeking sexual salvation are: "If you're not getting off, don't be afraid to say. It's likely a problem with his performance, not yours."

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