Life Hacks That Will Make Drinking Alcohol Even Better (Yes, It's Actually Possible)

Life is good — especially when having some trusty life hacks to get you through. But, you want to know what makes life even better? Alcohol.

Unfortunately, due to various factors, we're unable to enjoy that sweet, sweet nectar the moment you want it. Maybe it’s because you didn’t grab a six-pack out of the cooler and your beer is room temperature — nobody wants that — or perhaps you forgot a bottle opener and none of your beer bottles are twist-offs? Worry not, gents, we are here to help.


We scoured the Internet and found some simple hacks to guarantee that nothing will keep you from sipping on your favorite beer, wine or spirit any time soon. Now that’s the good life — so thank you very, very much, alcohol.

Lead image via Getty.

See more alcohol life hacks by scrolling down below. Trust us, they will make your life more complete.