The Best Life Hacks On The Internet (From Catching More Zz's To Reheating Pizza)

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At the end of the day it's safe to say that most people just want things to be easier, right? That's why life hacks are so freakin' popular. From beer hacks and wine hacks to hacks incase you've been kidnapped, there's really something for everyone.

Problem is, life hacks can be a process. You don't just stumble upon a life hack. It requires hours, maybe even days, of trial and error. More often than not, a life hack appears when you least expect it or, even worse, when you've messed up SO many times you have no choice but to find a hack so as not to cry in a corner for the rest of your days. That's why when stumbled across this Askreddit thread, we just had to share it with y'all. Reddit user, IBoopYourNoses posed the following HELPFUL AF question:

"What is that one secret hack that you use that you are willing to share?"

You guys have to know this is going to change your life, right? Well, if you have any doubts, don't! This is some Grade A hacking (not in the nude celebrity pictures way, though)

Free Wi-Fi For All

"In a lot of apartment buildings and/or locations that provide its residents with wifi, the login/password for the router is probably admin (u: admin p: admin). Find the QoS rules and give your device(s) the highest priority."


Get That Beauty Rest

"I recommend the Sleep With Me podcast to anyone having trouble sleeping. I pick a random episode and set it to play on my phone, adjust the volume to where I can just hear it and set it on my nightstand. They guy just talks in circles about seemingly random nonsense. Worked wonders for my wife and I."

Google Is Watching

"For flights, browse with a private tab. Had an issue where Google tracked the times I looked up a 500 dollar flight and jacked the price to $700. Used private browsing and got it for 500."

When In Doubt, Costanza It Out

"As my good friend Costanza would say, 'If you look annoyed, people think your busy" It works pretty pretty well.'"


Keep It Hush-Hush

"I flip the tabs of all of my canned drinks to the side so I can always know what drink is mine. But don't tell too many people because if we all flip our tabs it will ruin the purpose!!"

Bad Grammar For The Win

"When buying on auction sites, eBay and such, you can find deals by misspelling the item you’re looking for. You’ll be the only bidder in most cases."

The Sneaky Shopper

"If you shop online and you're not in a rush, stop right before you hit confirm. Most web-shops registers these uncompleted purchases and send vouchers after a few days to lure the customer to complete the transaction."

A Light Dusting

"Crush up some Goldfish crackers or Cheez Its into crumbs and dust that sh*t over the top of your Mac and Cheese. You're welcome."


Snail-Mail Hack

"If you send a letter through the mail in a bubble/padded envelope, they'll send it parcel post and you'll get a tracking number. It's cheaper than sending it certified or priority."

The Most Important Hack Of All

"Reheating frozen Pizza? Add a glass of water beside it. No more soggy pizza!"

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more crazy-useful life hacks!

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