Lightning Bolt Comes Within Feet Of Striking A Guy While He Films A Storm (And It's Scary AF)

Image via YouTube

And this, right here, is why Mother Nature is not to be F'ed with, guys — as if you thought it would ever be a good idea to test your luck against her in the first place.

One man in Gjerstad, Norway found that out the hard way, as he decided to waltz outside and film a lightning storm from his back deck, capturing the insane amounts of electricity just zapping through the air as if it were a free fireworks show or something. Uh, dude, here's a little hint: you might want to take cover.

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Just as he's oohing and aahing over the many different bolts that, seemingly, are miles away, a weird twist of bad luck seems to occur, as one of the enormous lightning bolts comes within a few feet of striking him, causing him to nearly drop his camera from shock and, oh yeah, most definitely piss his pants a little bit.

Fortunately, the flash of lightning appeared to have hit right at the edge of his house and porch, which, had he been a little less lucky and it hit the wood deck, well, it might have been sayonara to this guy and his house.

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For those who think that they'd be a brave motherf-cker had this happened to them, here's a quick little lesson about lightning, via National Geographic:

So, yeah, if you think testing your luck against a bolt of lightning is anywhere near a good idea, just remind yourself of those insane facts and you might rethink that. Thankfully, for this guy in Norway, he now knows to be inside during the next lightning storm.

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