Lindsey Pelas Does Very Little At Hiding A Damn Thing In Her Latest Bikini Pic

Man, guys, what a time to be a fan of Lindsey Pelas, huh? Sure, it's basically summer and the sun's shining, the grill is getting hot and the beer's probably flowing like a fountain in the middle of a park, but it's the blonde bombshell from Louisiana who has us *super happy today.

Why? Well, minus the fact that the 26-year-old Lindsey always puts a smile on our face, it's that today's happiness stems from one of her most recent Instagram pics, as she posed in a purple bikini and, look at that, she's poking through the top as if she were standing in the middle of the Arctic or something.

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Of course, this is pretty par for the course for Lindsey Pelas, who has a handful of memorable Instagram moments—which we so beautifully laid out in this video.


And, while Lindsey often posts plenty of sexy pics of herself, there's a very good reason for it—because she's comfortable in her own skin and wants to help empower other women to feel the same.

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Talking to Cosmo last year, this is what Lindsey Pelas said:

"When a women posts a sexy photo, there’s flattery too, but a lot of it is negativity, anger, jealousy—anything but admiration. I’ve never seen someone leave a "ho" comment on a guy’s picture. Until that day, I feel like we still have work to do."

"I get a lot of private messages from young girls with large busts. They say, 'I’ve never been confident in my body because my boobs were too big.' They like to see someone that embraces it."

"You have to make yourself happy. We live in a world where, no matter what you’re going to do, you’re going to be criticized for it. The second you own who you are, people are going to feel that energy."

Sexy, savvy and trying to influence other women to be more confident in themselves, talk about a serious catch, right!?!

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