Lindsey Pelas Stripped Down To Make For The Sexiest Firefighter Anyone Has Probably Seen

We know that blonde bombshell Lindsey Pelas makes for one hell of a model — after all, have you seen her sexiest moments on Instagram? But, maybe, deep down inside of her, Lindsey's thinking about becoming a firefighter, because she just teased us with a topless picture of her acting as one and, holy hell, we've never seen so much fire!


Standing in front of a firetruck with nothing but an ax between the camera lens and her breasts, the 25-year-old Pelas probably made the fire alarms go off by just standing there. We're not positive, but there had to be some serious smoke alarms going off while she was looking into that camera, because, wow, Lindsey's absolutely stunning, guys.

Of course, this isn't something that's new to Lindsey Pelas, who captivates us with her beauty on the reg, consistently teasing us with both her curves and those friggin' sexy eyes of hers. Seriously, how intimidating would it be to have her just stare at you?

That's not to say we wouldn't want that to happen in real-life, it's just, well, when someone as sexy as Lindsey Pelas is around us, it's a bit uncomfortable. When someone is that attractive, you know she's got the goods — and this whole firefighter thing is the most recent example of that.

As for what impresses Lindsey the most, well, we were lucky enough to talk with her about a few things. Shockingly, she didn't tell us to leave her alone or anything, so you might want to see what a guy can do to get her attention.

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Lead image via Instagram/LindseyPelas.