Lindsey Pelas On Sliding Into Her DMs: "Famous A-Listers Have Messaged Me"

We all know that busty model Lindsey Pelas is one of the most jaw-dropping Instagram women on the planet, boasting more than 5.8 million followers, so it's no shock to hear she gets hit up all the time by people sliding into her DMs.

But would you imagine A-listers among those who try hollering at the southern belle?

In an interview with Daily Star Online, Pelas had this to say about some of the extremely famous people who try getting her attention.

"I shouldn't namedrop, but I've had people from *NSync and Backstreet Boys reach out to me. That was my favorite because when I was a little girl, I would have died. I get a lot of reality stars as well."

"There's also people who are really famous A-listers that have messaged me. I would be too afraid to namedrop them. You can't give it all away. And if I name and shame, no one else will DM me again."

Pelas, who's been rumored to be back together with Calum Best—with the two on-again, off-again—but, come on, of course people are going to try their luck with her!

So, does Lindsey Pelas accept the attention? You know it!

"I started my page to flirt. I was single at the time, so I wanted to be present and socialize with everyone else. The rest happened organically."

"When I moved to LA from Louisiana a few years ago I had 200,000 followers, now I'm in the millions. Instagram kick-started my career for sure."

And, while Lindsey Pelas talked about how her life is, at times, like an episode of MTV's TV show Catfish, with people using her images and likeness in random ads and such, she's quick to point out that it's important for people to understand the differences between her real profiles and the fake ones.

"There's so many fake profiles of me. It happens to me at least ten times a day, I'm not even kidding. There's Tinder profiles, Instagram, Facebook, but at some point you just have to leave that up to user safety. People have to educate themselves on how to separate the real from fake."

With some of the craziest curves around, it's only natural for people to try and be like Lindsey Pelas.

Daily Star Online

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