Lindsey Vonn Gets Mega 'Cheeky', Stuns In A Tiny Red Bikini

Man, what a difference this past weekend was for Lindsey Vonn and her ex, PGA golfer Tiger Woods, huh?

As Woods was getting busted for falling asleep at the wheel of his vehicle, originally suspected of driving while drunk—which, according to reports, was actually false, as he blew a 0.00, but failed the field sobriety test because of alleged pain meds—and delivered one of the most F'ed up celeb mugshots ever, Lindsey was off in Monte Carlo having a good ol' time, waltzing around in bikinis and soaking up the sunshine.

And, not to be all skeptical here, but does anyone else find it ironic that Lindsey Vonn posted these sexy pics on vacation just a few hours after the news broke about Woods? I mean, women can hold grudges, right? Who's to say she wasn't just reminding people that she's doing fine while Tiger's being arrested?

OK, maybe that's a little paranoid. Another thing that can be described as crazy, though? How about Lindsey Vonn's pictures—which you can admire with us below.

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