Lisa Brooke Tells You How To Get Your Body Ready For Winter Festivities

We know it's important to look your best while trying to stay warm this winter, so we reached out to one of our favorite models, Lisa Brooke, who has some advice on how to keep yourself lean as you stuff yourselves silly over the holidays. Face it, guys, it's inevitable that you'll pack on some pounds, but Lisa Brooke's here to help limit them as much as possible.

Since it take a hell of a lot of time to burn off all those winter calories, here's what the Instagram model, Lisa, had to tell you to avoid getting too overweight. Remember, it's always about balance.


The biggest thing I've learned from trying to live a healthy balanced lifestyle is that, no matter how hard I work out, it's all about what you eat. That is always the toughest part for me because I love pizza and good wine and I can't live with out either in my life.

Even though it's still cold AF right now, the Spring/Summer will be here before you know it, and there are a few tricks I use to shed those extra pounds — whether for a vacation, a photoshoot, or just getting my summer body back. It's pretty standard for most of us to put on a few pounds when the weather cools down, but we can stay fit with these tips.

First Thing I So Is Re-Evaluate Diet

Meal prepping is key if you can do it or afford to pay someone to make your meals. If not, you can learn a lot online and, nowadays, there are tons of meal prep pages on Instagram so you can do it yourself and portion correctly.

Ramp Up Your Cardio/Workouts

Circuit training and sprints are amazing. I train with an amazing trainer five times a week. I didn't get my booty by just sitting around on it!

Hot Pilates/Hot Bootcamp

It sounds miserable—which, sometimes, it is—but it really works! You leave drenched in sweat and a few pounds lighter by dropping the water weight while toning you up quickly.

Avoid Alcohol

Those days when you are hungover are always the worst! Pizza and fried food is an automatic hangover must, but it's like having to start all over again on your diet, so avoid the booze, guys.

Increase Water Intake To 1.5-2 Gallons Per Day, And Take Natural Water Pills Like Dandelion Pills

Everything in moderation. One meal isn't going to make you fat and one workout isn't going to make you skinny. Eat healthy, but enjoy a cheat meal on occasion!

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All photos courtesy of Mike "Ohrangu" Tang

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