Meet Liu Yelin, A 49-Year-Old Mother Who Brings A Whole Lot Of Sexy To Instagram

I generally detest the term, "MILF", but in this instance I don't think I have much of a choice—technically speaking, that's exactly what Liu Yelin is.

See, celebrity MILFs and "regular citizen" MILFs are two entirely different things. While I do commend some of the older women in Hollywood remaining as striking as ever—Brooke Burke, Kate Beckinsale, Christie Brinkley, and Elizabeth Hurley to highlight a few—you do have to wonder how much of that is hard work/genetics and how much of that is nipping and tucking. I'm sure it's a combination of all 3, and seriously, no judgement! One, I totally understand the pressures placed on women in that world to look 25 forever, and two, I'm really not complaining about the results (and neither are you guys).

Liu Yelin however is a different story. According to Bored Panda her secrets are pretty simple and mention no surgery whatsoever. Liu says—“I swim in the lake and do weight training every day.”

Well, that seems simple enough, right? I mean, yeah it takes dedication, but it's hardly as alarming as needles and scalpels and injecting fat from your butt into other parts of your body. Plus, just look at her! She's definitely doing something right!


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