This Woman Walked Pantsless Through Hong Kong And No One Even Noticed

Image via YouTube

Just the other day, we told you about that model named Kelly Klein, who conducted a social experiment for the ages, as she walked around topless on the streets of London with nothing but body paint for a top. The objective? To see how many people reacted—and, as you might expect, a hell of a lot couldn't take their eyes off her.

Well, another sexy blonde may have raised the bar, because she lost her pants, let someone paint her up and walked around Hong Kong with confidence that those sprayed on jeans of hers weren't too recognizable. Oddly enough, they weren't, because not many people even noticed.


Even wearing a shirt that read, "No pants are the best pants," wasn't enough to tip off other pedestrians.

We're not sure if this social experiment was meant to be similar to Kelly Klein's—which was to gather reactions of random people—but, had we seen something like this, we wouldn't know if it were OK to look, if we were being punked, or if there's some law that states if you sneak a peek of a hot blonde without pants, you're going to get arrested.

Thankfully, it was all just for "research," and we can watch the whole thing online without feeling too uncomfortable.

Lead Image via YouTube


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