Man Removes World's Longest (And Nastiest) Ingrown Hair And For Some Reason, We Can't Look Away

Image Via YouTube

Now, we're not exactly strangers to nasty extractions around these parts, but we've gotta say...this ingrown hair video might be the gnarliest thing we've seen yet. That being said, do we really need to warn you that content below is sensitive? Yeah? OK, here goes: if you have any sort of aversion to videos of this nature, stop watching. Don't be tough guy. Passing out or barfing at work is not a good look for anybody (yes, even during the office holiday party).

Before we let you get into the "goods" below, we thought we could use this as a little teaching moment. First, let's cover what exactly an ingrown hair is. Simply put, an ingrown hair is a hair that was shaved (or tweezed) that grows back into skin causing inflammation. Aesthetically, it's similar to a pimple. In fact, the two are often confused. A lot of people don't realize they have an ingrown hair until they go to pop a blemish and well, hair comes out. Gagging. Speaking of gagging, time to take a look at the video. Brace yourselves, folks..it's not pretty.

Are you still there? If so, bravo! We know that wasn't easy to get through. Then again, you're the one who clicked on it. We can't be held responsible for your decisions. Anyway, while the whole video does look pretty amateur, his methods for removing the ingrown hair are actually pretty sound. Our only criticism is that he should have soaked a wash cloth in hot water and applied it to the area first. This opens the pore and loosens the hair. OK, enough. Now we're going to be sick. Happy extracting, y'all.

Lead Image Via YouTube/JoeGross


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