Look How Messed Up Pouring Molten Copper Onto A Pizza Is

Image via YouTube

Remember a couple of months ago when we showed you that video of sulfuric acid being poured over a McDonald's Big Mac? Yeah, pretty gnarly, right? It literally ruined my entire childhood—not to mention, any appetite or desire to eat Mickey D's again.

Well, someone decided to do something similar, deciding to pour some molten copper on the top of a Little Caesar's pizza—which just seems dumb considering it's a waste of some damn good pizza! Still, check out what happens in the video below.


Given the amount of grease atop the pizza pie and the smoldering heat of the molten copper, the pizza slowly becomes smothered by the metal, making it less than appealing to eat. While no one should try this at home—for safety purposes—I'd say spending a good five bucks on a pepperoni pizza only to pour a hot metal on it is reason enough to just let others do interesting stuff like this.

H/T BroBible