Look How Tiny Sylvester Stallone Looks Wedged Between Two Gigantic NBA Players And Try Not To Laugh

Image via Instagram/officialslystallone

Actor Sylvester Stallone is typically the biggest, strongest and most intimidating person anytime he walks into a room. But that all changed today when Sly stood next to a couple of massive NBA players from the Detroit Pistons, Andre Drummond and Boban Marjanovic.

Drummond, who stands at 6-foot-11, and his new teammate Marjanovic, who's a gigantic 7-foot-3, makes the longtime action star appear more like a ragdoll who would be eaten by both basketball players.

Stallone, who's height is listed between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-10 depending on what you find on the Internet, definitely isn't ready to play down low on an NBA team anytime soon after seeing how he stacks up against these guys. Good lord!

H/T The Score