The Companies With The Most Paid Vacation Time Will Have You Applying For New Jobs Left And Right

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While a high salary is typically what a lot of people base their career choice on, perks such as paid vacation and time off are pretty important, too, allowing employees to relax and balance work and play—which isn't always easy.

Since we all wish we could be paid to be on vacation, oh, all the time, here are the companies that online job search site Glassdoor ranked as their highest-rated companies which are the best at, somewhat, allowing that, as these offer the best paid vacation and time off packages.

  • 25. Eastman Chemical
  • 24. Humana
  • 23. Progressive
  • 22. Liberty Mutual
  • 21. Deloitte
  • 20. Microsoft
  • 19. T-Mobile
  • 18. Intel
  • 17. FedEx
  • 16. Nokia
  • 15. KPMG
  • 14. JP Morgan Chase
  • 13. Kaiser Permanente
  • 12. American Express
  • 11. Ericcson-Worldwide
  • 10. Accenture
  • 9. Capital One
  • 8. Costco
  • 7. General Motors
  • 6. Salesforce
  • 5. Monsanto
  • 4. Google
  • 3. IKEA
  • 2. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • 1. Amgen Inc.

Now, I've got a pretty good gig here at FHM—which allows me to work from anywhere I want to and write about thing that us guys like to talk about—but for those who are in a rut and can't help but look for a new job every single day, you may want to consider one of the 25 companies listed above a ring.

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