'Lord Of The Rings' Director Peter Jackson Transformed 100-Year-Old WWI Footage Into A 3D Movie

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Three-time Oscar-winner and Lord of The Rings director, Peter Jackson has just brought back the sites, sounds, and faces of the first World War in a very big way. By dramatically restoring and recoloring 100-year-old footage from the Imperial War Museum's archives, Peter has managed to create an entire 3D film. It might not be a big Hollywood production like Christopher Nolan's , Dunkirk, but it's authenticity is uniquely refreshing and one could even argue, hugely significant from a historical perspective.

Below, in a video shared from the Imperial War Museum's YouTube page, Peter explains the significance of the project and what separates it from your standard "war story". Jacksons describes it as, “not the usual film that you would expect on the First World War”.

As you can see, a lot of time, attention, and passion went into this project. Above all else, Peter stresses that the film is about the people — a concept many audiences fail to recognize when war is concerned. Hollywood often sensationalizes the combat so much so that the soldiers themselves seem less human. We forget that these young men were husbands, sons, brothers, and friends. Jackson explains:

"We all know what First World War footage looks like. It's sped up, it's fast, like Charlie Chaplin, grainy, jumpy, scratchy, and it immediately blocks you from actually connecting with the events on screen."

The restoration and recoloring has literally brought these men back to life. The footage is sharp and clear. Peter goes so far as to suggest that it looks as if it's been "shot in the last week or two." The footage is going to be shared with audiences across the UK during a number of screenings, as well as an extensive learning programming. We hope it will be available somewhere on the internet as well!

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