24-Year-Old, Small Town Substitute Teacher Arrested After Longterm Affair With Student

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It's always difficult to report on this particular subject given the weight of the double-standard involved. Of course, if this had been a 24-year-old man and 17-year-old girl, the vernacular used would involve terms like, "pervert" or "pedophile".

That's not to say that the accused substitute teacher, Loryn Barclay, isn't a pedophile. It's just not a societal knee jerk to call her one. Fact is, she was only 7-years the victims senior. However, age is not the most disconcerting aspect of these cases. It's the abuse of power and difference in life experience.

Sure, 24 and 17 aren't light-years apart, but take a second to imagine yourself at 17 and then again at 24. If you didn't change a whole lot in those 7-years, that's a problem. You grow, you learn, you take on more responsibility—of course, this is the ideal situation. Not always the reality.

Here are details, according to Fox News:

"Loryn Barclay, 24, faces charges in two counties as a result of the alleged relationship with the 17-year-old boy while she worked as a substitute teacher at Monett High School. According to the affidavit, Barclay said she performed oral sex on the boy in a car at a park located in Lawrence County, Mo. She also admitted she had intercourse with the teen at the boy's home in neighboring Barry County."

Not only is the entire ordeal incredibly inappropriate (oh and illegal), you then add insult to injury by engaging in intercourse at the boy's home?! There was no way these two were going to get away with anything. Small town politics 101—nothing stays a secret and frankly, we're glad it didn't so justice can be served.

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