Dancin' Granny Unexpectedly Flashes Entire Stadium On Jumbotron During Los Angeles Dodgers Game

Image via Instagram

Going to a sporting event is awesome for a bunch of reasons, but one of my personal favorites (and missions), is to get on the Jumbotron, hoping that my quick 15 seconds of fame results in some laughs for the thousands of people in the stands.

Well, as someone whose found himself in that very position a few times before, I can tell you that I've never quite embarrassed myself too much—although there have definitely been a few inappropriate things my friends and I have done while on there before.

And, just when I thought I had seen it all, an older Los Angeles Dodgers fan outdid everyone during her appearance the other day in a ballgame against the Kansas City Royals, with the granny not only busting out some killer dance moves when the camera spotted her, but then, out of nowhere, lifted up her shirt to flash the near-soldout crowd.

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It's a sight for sore eyes.

Here's how it looked on the Jumbotron from the stands.

If you're reaction is anything like mine, well...


As one might imagine, the entire crowd was just egging the senior citizen on throughout the dance, but she caught everyone by surprise with the flashing, revealing her bra and leading to some hilarious reactions—which included the players.

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Here's what Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger had to say about the hilarious incident after the game, via The Score:

''It was the rally granny,'' said Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger, who didn't see it happen. ''Some of my teammates were talking about it a little bit. You don't see that much at a baseball stadium.''

L.A. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts added: "''I heard about it from some of my players and I guess they said I had a missed opportunity,'' he said, laughing.

We have a feeling this won't become a routine of women at sporting events, but, who knows, maybe this Dodgers Granny just started a (very strange) new trend?


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