Luckiest Guy Ever Wins $10,000 From Scratch-Off Ticket, Finds Out He Actually Won 100 Times More

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We all hope for awesome lottery tickets results, but, let's face it, not all of us can be so lucky. I don't know about you, but, yeah, I play the lottery every now and then. When I've got a few extra bucks in my pocket — and I never carry cash — I usually throw it down the drain by trying my hand at a scratch-off ticket or something. Have I ever won? Nothing more than $25... once.

You know who did have all the luck (and more)? Some guy named Edward Boudreau from Waltham, Massachusetts, who didn't just recently win $10,000 from his scratch-off ticket, but, when he went in to claim his prize, found out that he was actually in line to take home 100 times the earnings. In other words, Boudreau took home a cool one million bucks, before taxes.


That's according to TIME. Here's how the incredible lottery tickets results story went down for the guy:

When Waltham, Mass., school bus driver Edward Boudreau turned in his “$2,000,000 50X Cashword” ticket on Friday, he thought he was about to claim a $10,000 prize. According to the rules of the game, matching 10 corresponding words gets you 10 grand, which is nothing to sneeze at.

But that’s when lottery officials helpfully informed him just how much luckier he was. Turns out he matched 11 words, yielding him the $1 million prize, communications director Christian Teja confirmed to TIME.

He opted for a one-time payout, a total of $650,000 after withholdings raining down on him.

This is awesome, guys. And, personally speaking, I love the fact that Edward Boudreau is/was a school bus driver, as that just makes this a little more cool. It never happens to some Senior Editor for a men's lifestyle magazine, does it? Oh well, I'm happy for the guy.

Remember the 20-year-old kid who won Mega Millions a few weeks ago, taking home an insane $451 million, which ended up being the 4th-largest prize in the history of the lottery game? Now that's crazy luck — especially when considering the kid isn't yet old enough to legally drink and spent a mere $10 on five tickets to take home the victory.

Anyway, thanks to Edward Boudreau purchasing the winning ticket at Highlander Convenience Store in Waltham, the store receives a $10,000 bonus of its own for making the sale. Unfortunately, they didn't get the news that it's actually worth 100 times the prize, though.


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