Some Guy Won A Ton Of Money After Playing Lottery Numbers He Saw In A Dream

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Victor Amole from Woodbridge, Virginia might just be the luckiest lottery winner of all time. Why? Because the freakin' winning numbers came to him in a dream and they were correct! How is that even possible?! Most people who claim their dreams become reality are considered, well, odd — and that's putting it lightly. Not Amole though, it seems he's the real. By that, we mean, he's not only rich, but psychic!

Talk about a winning combination, huh? Why can't stuff like this happen to us? Last time we had a dream that felt too real it involved an ex-girlfriend, a Game of Thrones dragon, and some particularly painful memories. It was F'in weird and hardly helpful to our finances.

OK, back to the topic at hand — we're mostly joking about the whole psychic thing, but Victor's explanation definitely alludes that something super natural was going on. After seeing the numbers, "3-10-17-26-32" in a dream Victor immediately went to purchase four tickets in the Virginia Lottery's Cash 5 game all using those same numbers. He told FOX DC News that he'd, "never had a dream like that", so he ran with his foresight.

Well, good for Victor! It quite literally paid off! He won the game's $100,000 top prize for a total of $400,000. He told sources that he plans to the invest the money. Hm, maybe a little bitcoin action? Who knows? All we can say is that we're incredibly jealous and that from this moment on we plan to pay a crazy amount of attention to our dreams! In fact, we're going to take a nap right this very minute to see if any numbers come up! Here's hoping, guys.

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