Game, Set, Match: Kate Upton Wins LOVE Magazine's Christmas Countdown With Racy Tennis-Themed Video

Here at FHM we can't help but pay our respects to LOVE Magazine's Advent calendar, not only do they feature some of the sexiest women alive — a là Emily Ratajkowski and Jasmine Sanders — but they advocate for something we find incredibly important: female strength and empowerment. They're all about breaking stereotypes and that's pretty freakin' kickass, guys. Take Gigi Hadid on day 11, she was featured with underarm hair — big whoop, right?! She's still absolutely stunning, but, a lot of other publications would shudder at the idea of featuring a woman with more "masculine" features ...you know, like hair under her arms. LOL, yes, we know, it's ridiculous.

On day 19, Kate Upton continues to up the anti like the beautiful badass that she is. Below you'll find her sweaty, aggressive, and sexy as hell as she engages in the perfect tennis-themed video:

See what we mean, guys? A thing of true beauty! You don't need to feature a woman as soft and delicate. Sometimes, it's that "masculine" edge that exudes the most raw sex appeal and clearly, Miss Upton is proof of that! We aren't suggesting she'll be at Wimbledon any time soon, but, we're confident that as with any of the models featured, she could conquer the world.

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