Jasmine Sanders Working Out For LOVE Magazine's Christmas Countdown Is The Sexiest Thing Today

If you've forgotten about how hot the LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar is, shame on you, because the thing continues to tear up the Internet and bring some of our favorite Instagram models by showing them do a lot of distractingly sexy things. Well, today LOVE Magazine wanted to post the lovely Jasmine Sanders, who shows us that a video of her working out can be one of the most glorious things in the history of mankind.

Don't believe us? Just look at the video below, which helps celebrate day 12 of the LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar.

Now, if you don't know who Jasmine Sanders is, it might be time for you to get to know her a little bit more. After all, the lady is a gorgeous model who has posed for brands like American Eagle, Glamour and Ralph Lauren, among others, and boasts a healthy 2.7 million followers on Instagram. Seeing as how Jasmine is one of the sexiest women alive, we really hope that you're one of those people who already follow her. If not, it'd be wise to do so; and STAT!

Anyway, for those who wouldn't mind going ga ga over some more from Jasmine Sanders, you're in luck, because we figured giving you a few more pictures of the model would be a nice thing to do this morning. Plus, it's the holiday season, which means the time for giving, right? So consider the aforementioned video and the pictures below an early holiday gift from us — but, really, that's all Jasmine's doing, 'cause she's a total babe who knows how to flaunt it.

Lead image via Getty.

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