Lucy Mecklenburgh's Instagram Is The Greatest Form Of Sexy Gymspiration Ever Made

Quitting a successful reality TV series can be a perilous career move. While a select few are able to make the transition into the mainstream smoothly, the far majority ultimately end up making up the numbers in an unfathomably wank ITV celeb talent show, before fading into the showbiz ether forevermore.

They don't even have a Never Mind The Buzzcocks Z-list lineup to look forward to now.

TOWIE favorite Lucy Meck has managed to avoid this doomed fate with the help of one special skill: being unbelievable fit in every single way.

Anyone who follows her incredible Instagram will know that it's at once the best and worst form of gymspiration ever made. Best, because it gives you the motivation that you might miraculously run into the Essex-born TV star at your local gym, and worst, because you'll never stop looking at it for long enough to actually go to the gym.

Want some proof? We live to serve.

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