This 'Madden' Glitch Of A 300-Pound Lineman Beasting Tacklers Is Hilarious

Image Via Twitter/Bleacher Report

Until about 15 minutes ago, I wasn't even aware of the fact that video game glitches were a thing. I mean, sure, as with all technological platforms sh-t is likely to go awry at some point or another, but hot damn! Are these Madden developers required to get lost in the sauce before coding? Seriously, the glitches that have been popping up with 2k18 are easily the most ridiculous we've ever seen. Yes, even more so then years past — I know, I know, we didn't think it was possible either.

Take the one below for example. A 300-pound lineman somehow manages to go HAM on what appears to be 6 or 7 tacklers and then sprints the entire length of the football field. Seems likely, right? I'm sure we've all seen that in real life a time or two.



While I can most definitely admit that the glitch above is hilarious, the one below actually made me spit out my beverage (a beverage that unfortunately is non-alcoholic). The glitch in and of itself is gold, but the Twitter account that shared it, makes it all the more perfect. Take a look, I promise you will NOT be disappointed —



See what I mean? GOLD! He basically soars through the air like a demented bald eagle. I don't even need to see him hit the ground to know that his body is basically folded in half. If that happened in real life, you'd be dead, yeah? Once again, how do these developers still have jobs?!

Lead Image via Twitter/Bleacher Report

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