A Dentist Discovered Hundreds Of Maggots Inside A Patient's Mouth And Yep, We're Gonna Be Sick

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We've got three words for you, maggots in mouth. Not just any mouth, a HUMAN mouth. It's one thing to see roadkill on the side of the street overwrought with vermin, it's another to see a dentist observing a grown woman whose mouth looks like the inside of well, our worst nightmare. If you thought pimple popping videos were gross, just WAIT until you get a look at this bad boy — it's positively vile.

The description that accompanied the YouTube video was brief, yet straight to the foul f'in point — "Hundreds of Maggots have been found inside mouth of an elder woman in Kerala, Indian." This sort of goes without saying, but viewer discretion is most definitely freakin' advised. If you've just eaten, are about to eat, have thought about eating in the past hour, DO NOT watch this video. You've been warned.

If you've made it this far into the article, then we suppose it's time to debrief. First things first, how in the fresh hell does that happen to someone's mouth? Well, turns out, it's an actual medical diagnosis referred to as, "oral myiasis", which translates into "fly mouth". Gotta love Latin, such a literal language. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention:

"Myiasis is a rare disease primarily caused by infestation of tissue by larvae of houseflies. Oral myiasis is still more ‘rare’ and ‘unique’ owing to the fact that oral cavity rarely provides the necessary habitat conducive for a larval lifecycle."

What do we even do with that information? How the heck are we ever supposed to sleep again knowing that something like that could happen, no matter how rare. We thought the scariest thing about 2017 was Donald Trump's pigmentation, but, nope! It's Myiasis.

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