Planet Of The Apes: Going Ape And Never Coming Back

If you were a wee lad of eight when the original Planet Of The Apes was released back in 1968, there is no way that you would expect to be still thinking about it in 2017 at a slightly less wee age (figure it out; we’re not running a math class here). Unless, of course, you’re obsessed with these sorts of things—then it’s no surprise at all.

But fueling that ongoing obsession is that the concept was reborn in 2011 with Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, continued three years later with Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and brings a trilogy of sorts to a close in a few weeks with War For The Planet Of The Apes.

The original idea truly does feel as though it could have come out of The Twilight Zone (and if you’re not familiar with that Rod Serling-created show, find it… right after you finish this article).

An astronaut arrives on an alien-looking planet, comes across savage humans, and muses to his fellow astronauts that if this is the best the planet has to offer, they’ll be running the place in six months. A solid aspiration, if it weren’t for the damn apes. Apes on horseback. Armed with rifles.


It’s a moment that shocked audiences around the world (personal musing: how shocked could they have been if they bought a ticket for a movie called Planet Of The Apes?)—though not as much as the film’s stunning ending, which remains mind-blowing to this day—and launched into an adventure that would continue in some form or another for nearly 50 years, encompassing nine films and two television series (one live action, one animated). Whether you're a fan of the original film series or the new one, the subject has remained an intriguing one.

What follows, then, is FHM’s look back at the entire Apes saga, from Planet to War and everything in between.

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