7 Pressing Questions About Your "Unit" Every Man Has Asked Himself

Look, you can lie to your girlfriend, your mother, your female doctor, whatever, but you can't lie to us! Every man, at one point or another, has wondered (at length, pun intended) about the complexities of the male reproductive system. These health questions are nothing to be ashamed of! Hell, it would be weird if you didn't wonder about some of this sh*t. Let's just go ahead and say it, OK? Penises are strange, illusive organs that often do as they please — or as women would suggest, have a mind of their own.

In the spirit of both alleviating confusion and educating the masses, we put together a small, albeit strong list of question that you've most likely wondered about in the past, say, 24 hours. Erm, scratch that, maybe even in the past couple minutes. See, it's rumored that if men aren't thinking about sex or sports, they're constantly drawn to their own Johnson — not Dwayne, The Rock — why else would so many dudes always have their hands down their pants all the time?! It's off-putting, guys, seriously. Anyway, by no means are we doctors, we're just men who know how other men think. Hm, maybe that should be our new tag line.


Lead Image via Getty.

For all the questions you've undoubtedly asked yourself about, well, "yourself", keep scrolling!