Brilliant Boyfriend Conducts EPIC Photoshoot After Discovering His Lady In Bed With Another Man

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We've said it before, and we'll say it again: NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES and this legendary man by the of Dustin Holloway is definitely a hero if I've ever seen one. Why is Dustin a hero, you ask?

As with any good hero's journey, we'll start with the call to adventure. Dustin walked into what I assume to be his shared apartment to find his girlfriend passed out in bed with another man. Apparently both parties, cheater and accomplice, were too drunk to notice his presence (woof, that had to have been some strong booze). So anyway, there's Dustin, staring at the women he loves in bed with someone who isn't him. What does he do? Does he break out a Sharpie and start drawing dicks all over them? Does he contemplate buying some gasoline and torching the place? Does he panic? Does he cry? Does he wake them up? No, he does one better. He grabs his cell phone and holds an impromptu photoshoot of the two lovers all cozy and post-coitus in bed.

Some people may consider this move petty, I consider it UH-MAZING. It's 2017, so revenge by way of technology that isn't flat-out considered, "revenge porn" is a-okay in my book. He didn't show either individual naked. If anything, it just looked like a couple sleeping in bed. Except they WEREN'T a couple, she and Dustin were a couple, so f-ck her.

Look, I don't know this girl's side of the story. Maybe she was unhappy, maybe she's in love with this other man, maybe she was just drunk and made a mistake. Whatever the case may be, you do not cheat in a home that your boyfriend has easy, unannounced access to. That's just dumb and she deserved to get caught. Dustin seems to be taking it in stride though! That's the thing about the internet, if they like you and you aren't a Kardashian, they'll rally behind you till the end of time:

Here's the photoshoot as it would appear in a museum:

Dustin Holloway

Modern Lover Scorned, 2017

Photo on iPhone


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