Man Glides Across Pool In Mindbending Water Stunt And Uh, Aquaman, Is That You?

Image Via YouTube/LeakTube

When it comes to viral videos it's important to take everything that you're seeing with a grain of salt. Technology nowadays allows for A LOT of tweaking and frankly speaking, most people have no shame in their wannabe internet famous game—I don't put it past most people to tamper with a video to appear more shocking and thusly MORE VIRAL!!

Pathetic? Yeah, a wee bit, but it's 2017 and that's the nature of the business. Why get a convention 9-5 when you can risk your life on YouTube and potentially reap the benefits of corporate sponsorship and B-list social media events??

Can you gather my disdain for this culture yet, or....nope, you got it. Let's continue! The video below is basically the opposite of everything I've described. It has a certain level of authenticity that truly makes it the stuff viral video dreams are made of. Take a look and we'll discuss!

Okay, first of all, that's insane. Biblically speaking the only two water moments this divine have been Moses parting The Red Sea and Jesus turning water into wine (and just generally being able to walk on water). I apologize if that's insensitive to anyone's scripture, but yes, I'm putting this guy in the same vein as Jesus and Moses—maybe get over it?

I don't think the video is tampered with because it's in a public setting and it seems the general reaction around this young man's stunt is the same shock and awe shared by those on the internet. It would take a very bored and lonely human being to falsify something like this. Additionally, it seems like the people in the water were actively waiting for him to exit the slide, meaning he was planning on freaking everyone out with his crazy Jesus-like, Aquaman antics.

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