A Man's Guide To Being Single (Without Looking Like A Jackass)

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As someone who's recently just gotten out of a year-and-a-half relationship with a woman who I realistically thought—and was very close—about proposing to, I can tell you that the single life is very different than being in a relationship.

Of course, who am I to tell you that? For anyone, man or woman, whose been in both scenarios, you know the drill.

First comes heartbreak, then comes sadness, then comes anger and next comes the "F you" stage, where you're trying to put on a front about your now ex-significant other, hoping they see you having a good time from the abundance of pictures and videos you post online.

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But, really, is that the proper way to handle all this? Probably not.


While we're not about to act like your parents and tell you what you need to do, we are here to offer up some advice as a newly single man on what you should and shouldn't do now that you're riding solo and back to hitting up the bar scene with your buddies.

As both the headline and video above states, this is the man's guide to being single... without looking like a complete jackass!

Strip Clubs Are OK... But Don't Make It A Bad Habit

If you've hit a dry spell and the whole X-rated movie scene isn't doing the job for you, go drop a couple hundred bucks at the strip club to ease some sexual tension. Again, just make sure you're not finding yourself there every single night... that's just sad, dude.

Get On Those Dating Apps

You're too prideful, right? Or you've had bad luck in the past. Or some other lame excuse. Look, instead of wasting time flipping through Instagram and figuring out a bunch of Snapchat hacks, start flirting with a number of ladies who, on the surface, find you physically attractive from your profile pics.

Weigh Your Options

We're not telling you to bed every woman you see, but going on multiple dates and talking to a few different ladies before really finding one you like is a good idea. After all, without choices, what in the hell would this world be like? Oh, right, boring AF! Have some fun until you find the person who allows you to be the best version of yourself the most!

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Spend Time With Buddies

If you've just gotten out of a relationship, this is the time your pals will lend the advice and provide the support/insight you need to move on. If you're forever single, well, these are the wingmen who are going to help you maintain confidence when you meet a lady and who are going to make you look better than you really are... that's just a fact.

Be Selfish And Spend On Yourself

Ever thought about getting a new toy like a car or motorcycle? How about something as simple as some new shoes? When you're single, you have no one breathing down your neck on what you can and can't do, so now's the time to rediscover yourself and buy what you want!

Take Vacations

Who cares that you're swamped with work and don't think you can scoot town, taking a vacation to recharge your battery and clear your mind is so necessary when single that it's not even funny. You can plan something with those friends we mentioned above or just go solo—yep, that's totally OK.

Get Healthy

Whether you've been ripped to shreds by an ex or are just trying to maintain some sort of solid work-life balance, working out and eating healthy is critical to physical and mental health. There's a lot of info about endorphins and all that jazz, but, c'mon, impressing a girl at the gym is one of the best things to do!

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