Man Savagely Trolls Cheating Ex-Girlfriend By Editing Her Apology Note That Goes Viral

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I'm not sure there's anything worse than being in a relationship with a cheating partner. Sure, it sucks when a significant other lies, pouts or manipulates their way to happiness, but a cheater, man, those are the absolute most miserable types of people.

But, as we all know, cheating happens for a variety of reasons, leading to heartache and anger.

While we never wish something like that on anyone, some of the cheating stories that make their rounds on the Internet are hilarious, leaving us no choice but to share them with you all—and this one is the latest.

After finding out that his now ex-girlfriend was having extracurricular activities with someone else, a poor soul named Nick Lutz received an apology note from her, hoping that he'd take her back. What she got instead was a lesson in grammar, with Nick actually editing the letter—which has now gone viral!

Lutz, who attends Central Florida, told BBC some of the signs that his former lady was cheating on him—so you may want to keep an eye out for these, per Esquire UK.

"We started dating in February of last year and dated for about eight months."

"Four months in she started hiding her phone and I heard she had code names for guys in her contacts list."

Man, I couldn't even imagine.

After editing the letter and giving her an overall grade of D-, it looks as if Nick Lutz has moved on and is content with leaving his ex for someone else to deal with.

Esquire UK

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