This Guy Set An Alarm Everyday For THREE Years To Tell His Ex-Girlfriend That He 'Hates Her'

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We all know that breakups can be really, really, hard. Particularly if you're the one who was broken up WITH and believe me, we've all been there. It seems some of us are better at coping than others, but rest assured, everyone copes differently. Some people party, some people wallow, and well, some people log onto to social media.

This fact was made no more apparent than when a twitter user with the handle, Picasso, decided to share his particular brand of coping mechanism with the internet at large:

I'm a firm believer that the opposite of love isn't hate, but rather indifference and one thing's for sure, this dude is NOT indifferent. It takes some serious patience, self-control, and will power to send the same text everyday for three years, at 7:45 AM no less. I do happen to wonder why his ex didn't just block his number, but maybe these two get off on this sort of toxicity. I for one would have blocked him after, I don't know, year ONE.

Some Twitter users have commented that Picasso is being petty or childish, but frankly, we don't know the whole story! For all we know, this girl could have cheated on him with his best friend and completely put his heart in a blender. Although, based on his behavior and Twitter feed, I'd venture to say he played a small roll in their breakup. Sorry man, but you're clearly a bit nuts.

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