Man Who Went From Homelessness To A Successful Author Is Your Inspiring Story Of The Day

Image via Twitter

A wise and successful man, former college basketball coach, Jimmy Valvano, once said, "Don't give up. Don't ever give up," during a tear-jerking speech at the 1993 ESPY Awards. While Jimmy V's words were related to his then current condition dealing with cancer, the motto has long been used in various aspects of life—and one man named Craig Stone can certainly attest to them.

Stone, who is currently a published author, was once homeless. That may have derailed many of our dreams and shattered our aspirations, but Craig wasn't going to let that defeat him.

Detailing the events on his Twitter account that both led him to homelessness and describing what it was like to be in that position, here's what Stone sent out for his followers the other day, via Mashable.

Inspiring doesn't do that justice.

Stone, whose book was now complete, turned to his sister for help in fear that the pages would get lost, wet, stolen or burned—which he also talked about on Twitter.

And just when this story couldn't get any more heartwarming, a woman on Twitter reached out to Craig as a fan. Long story short, the lady became his wife.

After going through all that he has, suffice to say, Stone's life has taken a dramatic 180, as he described during his Twitter story.

Hoping his story can help any or everyone who might feel down or fall into a rut, here's what Stone tweeted out to help inspire—as well as a plea for those during the holiday season.

Speaking with Mashable, Stone added: "Tomorrow your rent could go up. Tomorrow inflation could rise. Tomorrow you could have an accident. All of us are one event away from ending up on the streets, looking up at passers by, wondering how did it come to this?"

Craig Stone's story is inspiring, open, honest and a reminder to continue to stay humble, driven and to always keep a positive outlook. Good stuff, indeed.


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