21 Badass Candles For Your Man Cave That Will Impress Both The Ladies And Your Buddies

If you feel that your bachelor pad is lacking a certain little something, you can pump a little personality into it with some badass manly candles. Candles don’t need to be reserved only for when you’re trying to get your freak on with the ladies, gents. Just because you’re a dude, doesn’t mean your place needs to constantly smell like sweat and bacon — even if that bacon smell is a delightful one. Without having to resort to a whole interior design overhaul, candles can give your man cave a chill ambiance, as well as make it smell great.


Candles have a bit of a bad rap for being too girly, and let’s face it, your buddy, Dave, would have a field day if he came over for game night and the place smelled like “strawberry and unicorn mist.” But not all candles are created equally, with scents ranging from whisky to tobacco to, yep, even gun powder! So we’ve found 21 of the best manly candles that your buddies will enjoy equally as much as any woman you may bring home, so up your game with these options.

See our picks for the best candles for men by scrolling down to the pictures below.