Map Shows The Lewdest Town Name In Each State And They'll Make You Giggle Like A Teenager

Image via Instagram/sexyharlotbrigade

Most of us probably grew up in a normal sounding town name. For instance, my hometown is Hudson, Oh.—nothing to laugh about there, right? Well, some people weren't so fortunate, because there are some hilariously lewd town names out there around the United States that are too good not to laugh at.

Thanks to Estately, now we can giggle at them all, because they put together a map of the lewdest town names in each state, with some of these so embarrassing I don't know why anyone would ever want to tell anyone their address.

And just because some states are funnier than others, states like Kentucky, Michigan and Oklahoma actually had more than just one lewd name.

You can see the complete list of lewd names on Estately here—where you can search for the next town you want to move to to joke with your family.

H/T BroBible