The Official Trailer For 'I, Tonya' Dropped Today And Margot Robbie's Performance Looks Epic

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As we declared back in 2016, Margot Robbie is the sexiest woman alive! Aside from her dashing good looks, Robbie is intelligent, strong, and talented as all hell. C'mon, don't act like you didn't love her performances in The Wolf Of Wall Street and Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie was the breakout star of those movies, especially her role as Harley Quinn! Boy, that was memorable. That's why any time we hear about new Margot Robbie movies, we get seven different shades of excited.

Margot's latest project I, Tonya is a biopic about two-time Olympian ice skater, Tonya Harding. For those of you who aren't familiar with Harding, her story is hardly vanilla and Robbie definitely had to channel some dark human emotion to tap into her character. In a recent interview with W Magazine Margot discusses her process:

"Not only did Robbie have to be believable on the ice, she also had to take on the even more difficult challenge of assuming Harding’s accent and physique. “Once I put on the wig, which altered my hairline, and bleached my eyebrows, I started to see Tonya,” Robbie said. “The hardest part was losing my natural laugh. It needed to be Tonya’s laugh. I couldn’t do a triple axel like Tonya, but I was able to master her laugh.”

Fortunately for y'all, the official trailer dropped today and we're pretty darn stoked to share it with you. We've gotta say, it looks like it's going to be an incredible movie and we wouldn't be surprised if Robbie took home some serious awards for her portrayal of Harding.



See what we're saying? Looks awesome! Honestly, we can't believe how similar to Harding she looks. She's such a chameleon, it's impressive AF. Of course, Robbie spoke about some other things in the interview too. Including some upcoming spooky festivities, also known as everyone's favorite holiday, Halloween. She explained how surreal it was to see her friends dressing as Harley Quinn last year and how sexy costumes have never really been her thing:

"A lot of my friends dressed up as Harley Quinn for Halloween. When they started texting me, “What did the tattoo on your right thigh say?” I really thought they were taking the piss. I was like, “Ha ha.” But they wrote back, “No, seriously, we are dressing as Harley for Halloween!” And so many guys dressed up as her, too, which is my favorite thing. Every Halloween I dress as a guy character because they are always the most fun."

"From Day One, I never got the Halloween slutty costumes. I went out as Jason from Friday the 13th, with my jumpsuit and machete. I was in New York that year, and it was snowing. I thought, Surely, everybody is going to cover up. But every other woman was in lingerie. My favorite costume, though, was James Franco’s character in Spring Breakers. I did my hair in cornrows, put on a Hawaiian shirt and a gold grill on my teeth. I nailed it!"

Well, just another reason to love her, right? We respect any lady who decides to go the clever-costume route. Although, let's make one thing very clear — if you want to dress up in lingerie, dress up in lingerie! No one is stopping you.


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